Communications Working Group

The Communications Working Group is working to create systems that achieve our goals of collaboration and transparency. Currently, this includes to 1) clarify some of our external communications tools, and 2) create some clearer internal communication strategies.

To find out about up coming meetings and to get involved, please contact: Chris Tittle,




Public Communication Tools

    • Please use this in all public communication and outreach so we direct people to one place for information and updates about the farm. We are working to add content, and can always transfer to a different website as this collaboration progresses.
  • Public contact email address:
    • This is being managed by members of the communications working group – feel free to put this contact info on outreach material. This email address will only be used for sending updates and newsletters to our contact lists.
  • Public email lists and how each is used:
    • Farmers/volunteers list  – Sally is bottom liner and is transferring her contact list of farm volunteers to a google group. This is used to send weekly updates to farm volunteers.
    • General community outreach list – Krystof is bottom liner and anyone can sign up from our website and receive general updates about the farm and public events. SIGN UP HERE


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