We envision a community-managed food system centered around local, organic, agro-ecological farming practices

As the result of our work, within 5 to 10 years we want the UC Gill Tract Community Farm to serve as a model for what can be accomplished through collaborative and community-based research and extension.  We envision a unique and innovative partnership that receives widespread attention and support from the public, academia, and policy makers, producing knowledge and experience:

  • Developing and testing models for shared governance and co-stewardship that increase community resilience
  • Developing and transmitting knowledge of how to grow and prepare healthy food, and increase the public’s consumption of locally grown healthy food
  • Developing and testing models of equitable and affordable distribution of healthy food to all people based on principles of sharing and solidarity economies
  • Building collaboration with local food justice groups who are doing similar work, and providing forums and opportunities for popular education
  • Encouraging the expansion of lands under production
  • Providing recommendations for food and land policy that advance our mission

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