Retreat – UC Gill Tract Community Farm
February 19th, 2016; 
11am- 6pm
Community members and students interested in joining a working group and getting more deeply involved in the planning and decision making at the UC Gill Tract Community Farm are invited and encouraged to attend our 2016 Planning Retreat!

The principle objective of this retreat will be to reground us in our mission and to create clear goals for 2016 that step towards that mission. Through interactive and fun activities, the agenda will allow us to address some of the barriers to achieving our mission that have been mentioned by stewardship assembly members, which include: creating a long-term cohesive funding strategy; increasing and diversifying participation in farm leadership; evaluating our structure and generating suggestions for increasing cohesion and communication among working groups.

We request that all those who attend the retreat plan to commit to a particular working group in order to get involved in decision-making at the farm. Current working groups include: Farm Management, Education & Events, Outreach, Communications, Research, Fundraising. If you are a student, we will also create a separate breakout group for students who are not yet sure which WG to join.

Background: The UC Gill Tract Community Farm is a collaborative community project between the University of California Berkeley and the local community, focused on issues of food justice and urban farming.  It is located in Albany, CA, at the corner of San Pablo Ave and Marin Ave.

Mission: to conduct collaborative community-driven research, education, and extension focused on ecological farming and food justice, and to foster equitable economies, a healthy environment, and increased resilience in vulnerable communities, both urban and rural.

For more information, please see our website:



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