Celebrate Earth Week at the Gill Tract!


Join us at the UC Gill Tract Community Farm as we recognize the 45th Anniversary of Earth Day with a celebratory week of workshops, panels, and events in the spirit of the 45 year history of the Gill Tract.

Woven throughout the week is an intentional conversation on the past and future of the Gill Tract farm and what our place is in the local and international struggles for justice. What is the role of the Gill Tract in food system transformation? How can we center the voices and experiences of frontline workers in the food system? What is our space in struggles against racial and economic violence? Join us in reflecting and planting our intentions for the year ahead.

Sunday, April 19th, 12-5pm – Soil Not Oil!
Workshops and speakers on Pesticides & the Health of Soils, Climate & People
Sponsored by the Soil Not Oil Coalition,

Wednesday, April 22nd, 10-2pm – Earth Day
Volunteer day in the children’s garden with local schools

Saturday, April 25th, 10-5pm – Permaculture Action Day
A fun workday of planting, music, and workshops for building a resilient food ecosystem.
Sponsored by the Permaculture Action Tour and The Polish Ambassador.http://www.permacultureaction.org/
See the blog post from their visit last fall: http://www.permacultureaction.org/san-fran/

Sunday, April 26th, 10-5pm – Community Farm Birthday Party!
Our community farm is turning 1 year old! We will be celebrating with food, music, and planting for the summer. Workshops will explore the role of the Gill Tract in local and international struggles for justice.

Save the date!
Check out the Facebook event for more details and updates.


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