Research Opportunities with the Gill Tract Community Farm!


We are looking for UC Berkeley undergraduate students with a high interest in and passion about urban agriculture and food justice to be part of the first cohort of interns to launch this new project!

The Gill Tract Community Farm is a new University-Community partnership located at the corner of San Pablo Ave and Marin Ave (15-20 bike or bus from campus). The 1.5 acre area is jointly managed by community members and UC researchers and students, to collaborate on innovative ideas in food justice, food sovereignty, hands-on engaged scholarship, and research for social justice.


SPUR positions:

View and apply here:

Gill Tract Community Farm Research Intern

The Research Intern will help to systematically identify community-generated research questions. The intern will then assist in outreach to undergraduate, graduate, and faculty researchers with the expertise to address these questions. The intern will also help identify and write grant proposals for this work. This internship will provide in-depth experience in community-based research methods and incorporate a broad range of food justice issues, not limited to agricultural sciences.

Gill Tract Community Farm Communications Intern

The Communications Intern will help research community member needs for online communication technology. This position will provide first-hand experience in collaboratively creating and managing a website, volunteer management databases, moderating listserves, and integrating diverse social media. The intern will also learn and practice how to describe and teach these skills to members in an empowering way, to build community capacity for self-governance.


URAP Position:

View and apply here:

Gill Tract Community Farm Yields and Agroecology Research

The Yields and Agroecology Intern will manage data and evaluate the produce production at the farm, and help implement and track the impact of agroecological techniques at the site. The intern will get a first-hand experience working with a diverse team of community members and researchers to make collective decisions about planting and land use, and how to apply empirical data in those discussions.


All applications due Wednesday, September 3!

Full year commitment preferred. Preferred candidates are those who have a strong academic background and some research and/or farming experience. Student must be self-motivated and independent, with strong organizational and communication skills. Students must be comfortable working with diverse community members and committed to equity and inclusion.

For questions, contact the intern supervisor: Vanessa Raditz,

Positions hosted by Professor Alastair Iles


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